What is this?

Cameron is the any time pick-me-up service. Cameron provides over one-hundred compliments to improve your mood for when you're not feeling your best, and if that's not enough, Cameron also uses markov chaining to create new, unique compliments, so you'll never run out.

I'm a developer, is there an API I can use?

Cameron provides an API, making it easy for you to add a compliment or two to your application or website with ease. Check out documentation for more information.

I have a compliment I'd like to add!

We'd love to hear it! You can contribute very easily, and within seconds your compliment will be added to our list. The only critera for submission is the kindness of your compliment, as it must score positively in sentimood, Ethan's sentiment analyzer.

Who wrote Cameron?

I wrote Cameron, with tons of help from Sam, as a way for me to branch my knowledge into new fields, primarily working with Node and Express, as well as Handlebars, a templating language I've come to love. In the near future I also hope to add database support to Cameron, where I'll be learning MongoDB to store the compliments.